About us


Technology has taken man to Moon & Mars, made the entire planet too small. Agriculture is not an exception. There have been thousands of researches in this field too. But even today, our farmers/villagers are far away from these technologies & researches. They are struggling to get the very basic things like quality seeds or basic farming techniques. And the only reason behind this is the huge gap between lab and land. The higher is your degree, more is the distance from your village. Even a matriculate person isn’t ready to stay back in the village. B2V is meant to bridge this gap. We are forming a group of young educated people from the village itself. We train them and assist them in all possible ways to make them earn a fair livelihood. By setting-up B2V’s extension centre – Unnat Krushi Kendra (UKK) – they not only start earn a living in their village itself but also start serving 500-600 farmers through their centres. This helps them to earn money as well as respect. We are a small team of qualified & educated people who chose to work with the rural India leaving our cushy jobs in metro cities. We are bridging that gap between lab & land.


To reinstate the lost glory of the village


  • To establish farming, once again, as the most prestigious profession.
  • To attract younger generation towards farming by making it profitable & lucrative.
  • To make farming sustainable by promoting organic & integrated way of farming.
  • To create diverse rural employment opportunities through skill development in farming & allied sectors.
  • To promote cottage/micro/small scale enterprises in rural India to mitigate risks involved in farming.
  • To improve the quality of life of rural India by improving health, education & environment.